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What is different about this service?

Frequently when people experience sexual difficulties trying to access appropriate help and support can be a frustrating process, with long waiting times between different services. We realize that your intimate relationships are important which is why we believe care should be easy to access and that once identified you are offered help as soon as possible. 

Often sexual problems seem to be physical, as people experience physical symptoms (e.g. pain or loss of erection). However sometimes there is also a psychological aspect that maintains the problem (e.g. ‘performance anxiety’ or fear). For some people, even if the sexual difficulty is purely physical in nature, the problem may have impacted on your intimate relationship and you may wish to discuss this and be given strategies on how to get things back on track sexually.

Key questions to consider when thinking of accessing the service are - has the problem impacted on my relationship, or made me avoid relationships? Does the problem make me feel anxious, depressed or afraid?   Would I like to talk to someone about this?  

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